Friday, February 18, 2011

Kamryn's Surgery

Kamryn had her tongue tie surgery this morning and it went really well. I was very concerned about her going under anesthesia for such a small procedure  I didn't really start worrying until last night though. I could barely sleep. In the morning I asked Ryan to give her a blessing before we left. I had to be at the hospital with Kamryn at 6am this morning and she had surgery at 8am. By 6:15 we were in the pre-op room and then had to wait for quite a while. Kamryn was not very happy about all these weird people checking her out and being in this weir room. She watched some Barney, then some Toy Story 3 on my itouch.  She cried alot and the nurse kept checking on us and I told him we were okay because the only thing that was going to keep her from crying was getting out of there or food, which neither were something that would be a possibility. I got her to play with this toy and this became a lifesaver. She spent most of her time playing with it.
 I was so mad that I forgot my camera and had to use my phone camera...oh well.

Finally the surgeon and anesthesiologist came by and reassured me that the procedure would take five minutes or less and that she would only be lightly sedated so that she wouldn't try and move her mouth or bite down.

I almost lost it when the took her away. They had to pry her away because she didn't want to go. I felt so bad. Hopefully she isn't traumatized from the whole experience. I went out into the waiting room and gave Ryan an update. He had to stay back and get Kade off to school. He was on his way there. No longer than 10 minutes after they took her back the surgeon was back to tell me they were done and everything went well. He just said to not give her salt since she basically had a canker sore under her tongue.

Ten minutes later (which actually felt like an hour) they came and got me and took me back to post-op where she was screaming. She calmed down right when I got her in my arms but not much later was crying because she just wanted to go. I was able to calm her down for a little bit but as soon as they wheeled in another child and she saw the surgery team she started crying again. I think she thought they were going to take her again. She was glad to leave and get out of there! When we left  the post-op area Ryan and Keegan were there waiting for us.

Here she is happy to be in the car and go home! We were all so hungry and stopped at Denny's for some breakfast!
I will post before and after pictures once her mouth is better and she shows me that tongue!



Sher said...

poor girl! how does that occur? how common is that? Hope she's feeling better.

Christy said...

Awww...poor Kamryn! I think I would be bawling with her, you are much stronger than me.