Thursday, February 24, 2011

Proud Mama and 20 months!

So proud of Kade! He got 100% on his last two spelling tests! Yay Kade!

Today I finally took Kamryn to her 18  20 month check-up! Yep that's how great of a mom I am...I am two months behind. I was a little off on the 15 month check-up, actualy I didn't know they had a 15 month one and took her at 17 monthxs and since she turned 18 months old when we were driving to Utah I was going to just schedule her appointment for January and I have been so busy and then I would forget so it finally got done today and she is 20 months old. She only had to have one shot! Thank goodness! She doesn't have anymore shots until her kindergarten shots.  She still has a stills heart murmur but nothing to be worried about. The doctor looked at her tongue and said that it is all healed and looks good. I am still trying to get her to stick it out. She is so cute and so a fun girl to be around. She is saying lots of words and a lot of gibberish I don't really understand. The other day Kade heard a few people talking to each other in another language (not gonna say what language because I don't want to offend anyone) he turned to me and said, "Mom, they talk like Kamryn!"

Kamryn is 33 3/4" tall and weights 26.5 pounds!  Both are in the 50-75 percentile!

Here she is waiting for the doctor...

I love her to pieces! She is such a Mama's girl...I don't know what I am going to do. But I can't complain that she wants to be and go everywhere with me cuz she is so fun to be around. And a great shopper as long as you have snacks!


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