Friday, August 28, 2009

5 Favorite Baby items so far...

1- Sleepy Wrap - Whenever she is in it she sleeps. She loves it and I can walk around hands free and she feels like she is being held. (BTW - I have it in Orange)

2- Baby Swing - Ryan refuses to wear the wrap and sometimes the baby swing is the next best thing when we need to get things done and she is awake. It rocks her to sleep.

3- My Little Tummy's gas drops- I don't know if they actually work but when she is crying and I can't figure out why and she won't take her binky, I give her gas drops and then pop her binky in and she sucks away and usually calms right down.

4- Starlight Gerber Nuk binkies - I haven't been able to find them in the past few years. When Kade was a baby they were my favorite because he wouldn't rip them out with his flailing hands and he could bury his face into my shoulder or when laying on his tummy he could move his head from side to side without the binky being ripped out of his mouth. Luckily I bought one right when Kade decided that he no longer wanted to use binkies and I kept it and now that is the one I use with Kamryn. For a while it was lost under the couch but luckily we found it again and I love it! I just found one online and they want $16.00 for it!

5- Medella Sterilizer bags - These came in great use in sterilizing binkies,bottles and pump accessories. Especially when Kamryn was in the NICU. I didn't trust washing my pump accessories with their hand soap in the sink in her hospital room. I then would go down to the parent's lounge and put them in the bags and microwave them. Then I knew they were nice and clean!


Young Family said...

Thanks for the tips!

Chris said...

I love those nuks! They were my favorite too! That stinks they are hard to find. I couldn't get Emma to take a bink so I have not been looking.