Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenna

So I just wanted to wish my BFF Jenna the happiest birthday ever! She is a quarter of a century old! When I ask myself why the heck did I move to Arizona, why didn't I talk my husband into moving back to Utah? I tell myself because of the wonderful friends I have met.

When Ryan went back to work after we got back to AZ from our wedding he started a new job at Cox. In this department he met a new friend, his trainer actually, RD. RD just happened to get married just a little over a month prior to us getting married. He told his sweet wife about me and told her I was lonely and had no friends or family in AZ and Jenna with her sweet and kind heart came to the rescue. Ever since she has become such a wonderful friend. I don't think I would have lasted in Arizona as long as I have. Even her great family has treated me and my family as their own.

She has helped me become a better mom and better person. She has brought me out of my shy shell...a little bit...I still get shy sometimes. But I am more willing to speak my opinion and stand up for myself and others.

If we could, we would talk for hours on the phone because honestly I can never think of a time when there were silence there was always something to talk about. She is like a sister to me and I look forward to her being friends for the next quarter of a century.

I love to go shopping with her because there is no one better at finding great things at such a great price. It is funny how our styles are different and she could pick anything out that I would like and I can pick anything out that she would like.

She is always there for me when I needed a friend, she understood me at times when no one else did. We became such good friends while being pregnant together it almost felt like she were a second mother to my baby and I was to hers.

She is patient with me when we go to make bows to match outfits...she usually ends up making mine and encourages me that I can do it....and eventually I try but she is the bow pro!

She is such a generous, kind and loving person, and I am glad she is my friend!

Happy Birthday Jenna!


TheBurninghams said...

Thanks. I did have a happy happy birthday. I am so glad you moved to Arizona too. I know even if you leave me :), we will be BFF's forever! All the more reasons to stay at each others houses. Talk on the phone and go on trips to the cabin. Thanks for the post, it really made my day! :)

BOWDENS said...

What a sweet friend tribute! Those kinds of friends are what makes life great! Happy Birthday to Jenna!!