Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Something to Blog about!

Not a whole lot is going on lately, just keeping busy with the everyday things! So needless to say I don't have anything to blog about besides a little update on us. I have been back to work for two weeks now and it isn't all that bad. My sleep schedule is once again completely wacked out. I can stay up late but I have the urge to take naps and sleep in the daytime. Ryan is getting the hang of taking care of Kamryn and I am so glad or I would feel so awful the entire time I am at work.

Kade is up to no good. Just kidding he is a good helper but I can tell he is getting bored at home and is acting out for attention. He will knowingly be doing something wrong and call my name so I look at him. For example on Saturday he grabbed a marker (luckily it was a dry erase marker) and began drawing on the couch and glass coffee table. Luckily our couch is leather and it didn't hurt it. But in the past he has used pen and one time a permanent marker. Those are now put away but he has a dry erase marker that goes to a book to practice writing his letters. On the flip side he loves to talk to Kamryn and try to get her to smile. This morning he was singing Row Row Row your boat to her. He loves to hold her and feed and burp her. It's so funny he acts like a little Daddy and picks up alot of things from Ryan and I. He did pick up a few words from my Dad during our last visit, every once in a while he calls me or Kamryn "Sugar" and he refers to whatever he is drinking as "whisky" No my dad doesn't drink he is just a funny guy!

Karmyn is doing good. When we took her to her doctor's appointment last week they gave us samples of a very expensive formula to see if it helped with her colic and reflux. It seemed to work well in the beginning but really hasn't improved that much. And on top of it this formula costs way more than regular formula so I am trying a few other things first before I start paying $60 a week on formula.

1. I am currently trying Nestle Good Start. I have heard that those who had problems with Similac and Enfamil that switched to Good Start saw much improvement. I have not noticed a difference.
2. I am still using the Good Start right now, and with her last two feedings I have used cheap Gerber bottles instead of Avent bottles and have seen a little improvement. I have also given her gas drops when I go to burp her half way through her bottle. So we will see.
3. Today I am going to go get some Gripe Water. I think that is how it is spelled but it is supposed to help with colic, reflux, and upset stomach.
4. If the above things don't work I am going to talk to her doctor about medication for the reflux. I think it might have to do with more of the reflux than the type of formula.
Let me know if you have any other good ideas to try! So that is the plan. Hopefully we will find a remedy soon. I feel so bad when I see her so uncomfortable or when she spits up a lot.

As for me when I am not working Kade and Kamryn are keeping me busy and in the little spare time I have I have been:

Reading - I started The Time Travelers Wife this past weekend. It is soooo good and I can't wait to see the movie one day, probably when it comes out on DVD.

Jogging - I have started jogging(4 times a week). It has been 2 years since I last "worked out". I have NEVER had any desire to run/jog. But I have been inspired by many others. My goal is to be able to run in a 5k. I have noticed that I feel addicted to it already and I have only been doing it for just over a week. It makes me feel so much better throughout the day.

Crafts - I have made some bows recently and an acrylic scrapbook. I also just started Kamryn's Halloween costume, can't wait to see her in it! When I have completed some of my other projects I am going to start an Etsy store. Right now there will be mostly baby or scrapbook items and then eventually I hope to branch out to other things.

Ryan has been up to the usual work! When he isn't working he is busy with the kids while I am at work or playing Mafia Wars on facebook. I am not looking forward to the NFL season starting. Don't get me wrong I would love to go to a live Football game but just hate watching it on TV. Plus Fantasy Football is back and I hate it!

I am looking forward to some cooler fall weather and to Kade starting Soccer. Hopefully it goes better than T-ball did. Luckily I am not pregnant and Ryan will be home during Soccer time. When he did T-ball I had him signed up for Saturday mornings and I didn't read the details very well. Come to find out every parent is an assistant coach and has to be out on the field with their kids. I was pregnant, Ryan works Saturdays and Kade wasn't cooperating. I look forward to watching from the sidelines!


Teri said...

wow you are busy!!! just wondered if you tried soy formula yet? Landon had to have isomil because he always got an upset stomach, and by a year he was fine. he is not lactose intolerant or anything, but the other formulas just werent working :)
good luck!!

Marissa said...

Haha - t-ball didn't work out too well with my little boy either - and yes I was pregnant both t-ball seasons! Have you tried karate? My son loves it and it really helps "straighten" them out ")

Amy said...

have you tried the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" It really helps with colic!

Young Family said...

My sister in law had to give her kids soy. I really have no suggestions.

Ryan said...

Ahhh, despite your sacrastic remarks toward my recent addiction to Mafia Wars (Facebook) and the start to only the greatest season of all...FOOTBALL Season, I love you so stinkin much!!! I love to read your blogs hunny. It gives me a different perspective from our regular day-to-day conversations. I am glad you're enjoying working out too. I know how good it makes you feel. Well, I better go now, you're sleeping on the couch with our little princess and you look so dang cute. Love you babe!

Sarah said...

I tried the lactose free formula with Makenna and it made a huge difference. It's the orange container that Similac makes. It is a little more exspensive but not like the hypoallergenic kind. It took a good week to see the difference. It is still milk based but lactose free. I was afraid she would be lactose intolerant always but when she was one and I switched to regular whole milk she did fine. The dr told me that the usually grow out of it. Which she did. I also used the gas drops and I tried the store generic brand and the mylicon, more expensive ones and of course the more exspensive ones worked better. I would mix the formula then add the drops to the bottle so that it would get all the air bubbles out before I fed it to her. It seemed to help a lot. When she was really tiny I would burp her every ounce or two then give her more. So...anyway I'm sure you have tried that but that formula really helped us. Makenna had colic very bad too. Good luck!

Sher said...

I love that picture! you so need to scrapbook that! :) that's fun your son is starting a sport! how fun it will be to see him in action!