Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long drive home

The care ride home wasn't as horrible as I expected. Karmryn did awesome and slept most of the time. The worst part of the ride home was crossing Hoover Dam. The dam traffic was backed up and it took an hour due to the dam tourists trying to take dam pictures while they were driving!

busy boy playing his DS!

As soon as we got past the dam Kade mentions he has to go potty. Well for anyone that has driven from Kingman to Hoover Dam you know there really isn't a potty especially as you get further from Kingman and closer to the dam. Kade refused to go on the side of the road so as we passed many road construction areas I searched for a port-a -potty! And we found one. I just had to take a picture of it. If I were a boy I think I would have rather went in the bushes than the port-a-potty!

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