Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My little sister is married!

I am so happy for my little sister! On Saturday August 1, 2009 she married Jared Mora. Welcome to the family Jared! It was such a beautiful wedding. The week before was busy and stressful filled with a few unexpected surprises (not necessarily good) but in the end everything turned out great. I am glad that I was able to be a part of her special day and I wouldn’t miss it for the world! She looked so beautiful!
Luckily Kamryn slept through the wedding and dinner! Kade was a ring boy. He did good for the most part. He ended up having a small rest and sat next to grandpa for a small part of the ceremony.
Kade found a new girlfriend that happens to be Jared’s neice Jasmine. He first met her at the rehearsal . He kept asking her to dance with him. She pretty much ignored him. Then at the reception he followed her and continually asked her to dance and didn’t get discouraged when she shook her head no. They were playing with each other on these two big rocks dancing and jumping back and forth. Jasmine jumped onto the same rock as Kade and grabbed his hand. Kade had a smile from ear to ear!
So congrats Ashley and Jared Mora!

I will post more pictures later. I didn't have my camera with me. But now that she is married I can post the digital scrapbook pages I did using her bridal pictures!

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