Saturday, August 15, 2009

school supplies

I am in love with back to school supplies! I don't know why but as soon as the school season starts to roll around I just can't resist walking down the school supplies isle. My husband thinks I am weird and goes along for the ride watching me drool over the latest trends of notebooks, crayons and markers! I am like a kid in a candy store. He has a good laugh and I talk myself out of buying supplies I don't need. I want to buy a new binder and pencil case and new pens, pencils, crayons and the list goes on and on. I haven't really gone back to school supplies shopping in 7 years, but as the school season starts to approach I just want to buy everything! I can't wait for next year, Kade will be starting Kindergarten and the back to school shopping begins!

I don't remember if I was obsessed with school supplies as a kid...I guess I will have to ask my mom.

I do remember when I went into first grade though. Mrs. Galloway was my teacher. When I walked into the classroom a pencil box was on each desk and a toothpick was sticking out of a hole that seemed to be made for the toothpick and then there was a little flag on the toothpick that had the names of all the kids in the class. Mine was pink. I will never forget it! Maybe that is when the obsession with school supplies started?!


Ryan said...

I do love you, but this is weird. I'm afraid of what next year brings...remember it's Kindergarten =).

Jenny from the Blog said...

Kami, I do the SAME thing! I love back to school stuff and I actually bought some markers I didn't need for $1 just because they were a dollar. Maybe it's a woman thing...LOL!

TheBurninghams said...

I have had this problem since being a kid. My grandma would give me $50 of my birthday and I would use ALL of it on school supplies. Then I would get home and sort and resort everything. I just love them! It is fun to buy them for Sumner, but they only wanted like 3 things. I get to buy TONS of school supplies for my work though.