Wednesday, August 5, 2009


On Kooper’s birthday my mom told me about some sunflowers she planted earlier in the spring for Kooper. She didn’t tell me about them in fear that all the rain had ruined them and they woulnd’t turn out. She mentioned to me that probably by the time I got there they would be blossoming. They hadn’t blossomed when I got there but on our last day there I remembered the sunflowers and walked over to them and much to my surprise one was starting to blossom and right next to the blossoming one there was a big ladybug. They say ladybugs are lucky. I am glad I got to see the first sunflower starting to blossom. At Kooper’s funeral the flowers we got were sunflowers so whenever I see sunflowers I always think of him. I miss him so much. I am always wondering what he would be doing now or what he would look like.