Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To the ZOO!

P1050214Kamryn loved those monkeys, they are hard to see in this picture but they are on the little island. She kept yelling, “monkey, monkey!” 

P1050216 P1050217   P1050220 P1050221     P1050226 P1050227                       Kade loved the peacocks!

P1050228  I loved how the monkey on the right was scratching the other monkey’s back!


the Varley Family said...

Fun! We love the zoo! I've never seen the white peacock though, how pretty. Call us next time you go!

Christy said...

I love that zoo...I love your picts of kade jumping so funny. :)

Sher said...

I wish my girl had been interested in the animals when we took her there. She was tired and cranky, haha! Looks like they had fun!