Saturday, June 25, 2011


Lately I feel like I have no spare time…which is a good thing but when I do have spare time to do things that I should be doing, I do things that aren’t necessarily bad but totally waste time. like play bubble shooter on my itouch (totally addicting, especially when you play the whirl mode) I haven’t gotten past level nine yet…. or Pinterest. This one I love though because it gives me so many ideas of things I want to create and they are usually cheap. Speaking of I need to run to the craft store and buy a whole list of things. Then besides those two things and taking care of the kids I have been consumed by work. I have a new job with the same company and I love it! So far things are great! 

Here are a few projects on my to do list:


So we will see how many of these I actually get done…let me know if you want an invite to Pinterest cuz it’s so fun! Just know that it’s addicting!

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dunnfamily2 said...

I love the alphabet on the wall one. Maybe we have a girl's night and all do this craft together!