Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kamryn’s 2nd Birthday!

Yesterday Kamryn turned 2! She is definitely in the terrible twos but I remember that I thought that the threes were worse so I am enjoying it while I can!  We took Keegan’s swing back and between us and birthday money from relatives we bought Kamryn and Keegan this cool little play set to keep them busy!P1050298This is a picture of before Kamryn tried going down the stairs and ate it! She has a fat lip now…I didn’t do a very good job of getting  a picture of the entire thing…maybe another day. P1050299

We had a fun little party and invited some friends over for some Tangled fun! I just couldn’t resist a Tangled themed birthday party since Kamryn and I LOVE the movie so much! We played pin the frying pan on Flynn…or Kamryn did. (It was a little crazy with all the kids!) I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures of all the fun decorations and activities. We drew on the walls (of course they were covered in paper) and colored with sidewalk chalk on the patio and we were going to make these cute 3-D Paskels but the kids wanted to play instead and it is hard to stay organized with kids ranging from 1-3 yeard old. I guess that’s why I’m not a preschool teacher! All in all it was lots of fun. I had hanging lanterns and purple flag banners with gold suns on them. If you have seen the movie then you will see why I did all those activities.

 P1050303 P1050345P1050304Originally I wanted to make a tower cake but lack of time and planning landed us with this one…which Kamryn got to when we had our heads turned. She just wanted to get Rapunzel off! P1050306 P1050307She enjoyed everyone singing to her. A week and a half earlier she learned the Happy Birthday song when we sang to Keegan and she has been singing it almost every day since. She was happy to hear everyone singing it to her! P1050308 P1050310 P1050311So proud of herself for blowing out the candle!

  P1050313  P1050316

Some of the friends that came to celebrate and of course have some cake and ice cream! P1050317 P1050318    P1050312I put a sheet down for the kids to eat their cake on for easier cleanup…Keegan thought it meant it was time for a nap!

Soiled little girl got lots of fun presents to keep her busy! Thanks to all the friends for coming and for their sweet gifts.

P1050322   P1050329 P1050330 P1050332 P1050334 P1050335 P1050328P1050343After all the party friends left it was time for lunch. Kamryn was soo tired.  She at her whole lunch and never let go of that balloon. Of course when I took the picture I cut of the balloon…whoops!

We were so happy to have everyone come. It’s fun to get together to celebrate! We don’t have much family here in AZ so it’s fun to celebrate special days with friends! Thanks again everyone!


Christy said...

That's was a fun party. Thanks for the invite! :) Emmy loves her crown she keeps trying to put it on the make her pretty. haha. :) I can't believe Kamryn's two!!

Sher said...

Thanks for inviting us! You did a great job decorating. Your house is adorable!