Friday, June 24, 2011


We met up with friends today to get the kids (especially the school aged ones) out of the house. Summer is hard because it’ so stinkin’ hot here and it’s not fun to just play outside. We met the Burningham’s and Sanderson’s at Jambo. We were sad to say good-bye to Sarah since she is moving. But we were glad to see her one more time. Here are a few pictures from the day.photoThey look like they are playing so well together, only seconds later Kamryn pushed him down for no reason.

 photo 1      What a nice big brother!

photo 2    Kamryn felt like such a big girl going on the ride all by herself! photo 3 photo 4Keegan wasn’t sure sure what all these rides were about…

 photo 5Kade loves this picture. I think it will look great on their Wedding invitation! Kade reminded me on our way there that he was going to marry SaraJane and that she is sooo cute!  We had lunch after at Culver’s and SaraJane went to sit by Kade and eat her ice cream. He sat there and told her all about what happens in Wimpy Kid 2. She just listened and smiled. :)

Sarah and Jenna have iphones and are able to make cool collages with their pictures they took on their camera…so I stole their collages off their blogs…

MyCollage-736114 Kamryn and Madelyn look like they could be sisters with their matching brown hair and pigtails!

photo 2-784978

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