Monday, June 6, 2011

I <3 newborns!

One of my best friends Jenna just welcomed a new baby girl into their family! I was so excited to meet little miss Sadie Gray! I made them take a picture of me holding her because I have a picture of me holding her oldest, Sumner after he was born. Somehow we missed a picture of me holding Miss SaraJane in the hospital but believe me I held her! So I had to get one with miss Sadie! She is just so adorable. I was ready to take the hospital bands off and take her home with me.

I love the first two weeks of heaven. All they do is sleep eat and poop! My kind of baby. Then they start to get older and not sleep as much. For you Jenna, I hope that Sadie sleeps good just like your other two did (I’m sure she will!)

I can’t wait to come hold you again Sadie! You are just too cute!sadie.kami

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TheBurninghams said...

You look very pretty. Sadie loves you. We will have to hang out again soon.