Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keegan’s Birthday

 P1050241 P1050242                          Kade and Keegan….I tried to get the princess in but she was being a typical drama queen!

P1050245 P1050246             

                                   Traditional 1st birthday dinner…pizza!

P1050250 He was more interested in going outside…we had to talk him into opening gifts and playing with the toys!  P1050253Anytime you say, “YAY!” Keegan stops whatever he is doing and claps…this is one of those moments.

  P1050259Gotta love the darn flash! I dread taking pictures because I either get blurry or closed eyes because of the DARN flash!

 P1050260 P1050264 

                         Kamryn and Kade love his present more than he did.

 P1050265 P1050266 P1050267 P1050268 P1050269 P1050270 P1050271 P1050272

P1050273                              I held his hands back but let him grab the cake at the end!

 P1050274 P1050275 P1050276 P1050277 P1050278 P1050279 P1050280 P1050281 

P1050284 This boy can EAT, and don’t mind the food on the chair, but you can even see it in his toes how yummy he thought the cake was!

P1050285 - Copy                                          No party is complete with out BALLOONS!   P1050286 P1050287  P1050292

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