Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Visit from grandma and Grandpa (the March visit)


Grandma and Grandpa took Kade and Kamryn to the park while Ryan and I went to Target to fill a prescription. Here are a few pictures of them there.DSC00133 DSC00135 DSC00138 DSC00147 DSC00148 DSC00164This is what happened when they gave her a granola bar….

The next pictures is from one of the spring training games that Kade and my Dad went to.   DSC00171Of course they had to get some Kettle Corn!

Visit break to show a picture of my little niece Maleaha. Wish I could see her. P1020209

Back to some more spring training pics!

 P1020210 P1020241P1040738 P1040741 P1040745 P1040752 P1040756 P1040758 P1040760 P1040767

We also went to the outlets to do a little shopping and Kamryn wasn’t feeling the carseat that day so I bribed her to be good by giving her a twix….well as you can see it ended up all over! Tired little girl! P1020244 P1020246

Kad likes his “blue drink”!

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