Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last day of spring break at the zoo

So Saturday my parents left back to Utah . I am sad they are gone and can’t believe that we have to wait until Summer to see them again. We had lots of fun while they were here. Here are a few from their recent visit. They brought their dog Harley. He is such a funny dog.

I have been contemplating getting a pass to a museum or something that I can take the kids to do when they really just need to get out of the house especially as the school year is getting closer to being over I definitely need to have some ideas for Kade to keep him busy. So we went to the local Zoo and Aquarium to check it out.  I know next time we go to wear tennis shoes!

P1040778 P1040780 P1040781 P1040782 P1040783 P1040785 P1040786  P1040796 P1040799   P1040809 P1040810  P1040813 P1040814 P1040816I may look disgusted feeding the giraffe but really it was one of the highlights of the day. His tongue ended up licking the bottom of my hand.

 P1040822 P1040825

I loved the baby porcupine! At first there were just two adults sitting there and then some food was dropped off by the zookeeper and out came the baby from hiding! (I wonder what they call baby porcupines?)  P1040827

They have a log ride (similar to Lagoon for those that have been only there isn’t a line here) that Kade wanted to go on sooo bad. He met the height requirements to go alone and he wanted to go alone. I didn’t really want to get wet or spend another 6 dollars for myself to go so he went all by himself. Ryan heard a few people say, “I can’t believe they are letting their kid go by himself.” Well he wanted to and he met the requirements. I think it’s good to test of independence.  Ryan and I were a little worried that he would get scared, especially when it started it’s climb to the top of the boat ride but he had a lot of fun and wanted to go again. I wasn’t willing to fork out another 6 dollars for him to go again. 

P1040828He is soo excited to go!

 P1040829 P1040832 P1040833

We didn’t spend much time in the aquarium because I needed to go home and rest up. I had to work that night. So here are a few pictures of us in the aquarium. I didn’t get pictures of us touching/petting stingrays…maybe next time!


When it was time to go we decided to buy a pass. It is nice and close to our house so we can go for short periods of time and not feel rushed and not feel bad if one of the kids just isn’t wanting to be there we can go and it’s a short ride home. Can’t wait to take the kids and see the whole aquarium next time.

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Sarah said...

Wow! I didn't know giraffes had tongues that long. Crazy.