Monday, March 7, 2011

Keegan’s 9 months old!

My little guy is growing up! In a few months he is going to be 1! YIKES!  I have already started planning Keegan and Kamryn’s joint birthday party. It’s going to be lots of fun. Here is a sneak peak at the theme…any guesses? (if I told you, don’t guess).


It seems like they say that your last will grow up the fast, especially with a close older sibling that they are trying to keep up with and Keegan is growing up too fast.  Last week he started pulling himself up to standing with everything. The crib, stool, couch, my leg! He even took a few 4 steps with Kamryn’s little Buzz Lightyear bike thing. Honestly though the walking doesn’t scare me as much because at least it keeps his hands off the floor. I try to keep it clean but with everyone walking all over it the floor doesn’t stay clean for long. He is already on the move anyway.

So Mr. Keegan is a good eater and most of the time a good sleeper. Some nights he sleeps through the nights and others he wakes up and wants to snuggle. He is my snuggly boy and I love it! He is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing. I need to take him for his 9 month checkup to get his “stats’!

He is such a fun boy but he sure is expressing himself a lot more. Lately he screams if you take anything away from him. He loves to pull Kamryn or CJ’s hair if he gets the chance. He loves his brother and sister. They make him laugh just by giving him a smile! He has developed a love for music. When his toy plays a tune he bounces along or when he is standing up to his leapfrog table and it plays a song he bounces his bum. So cute!

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the Varley Family said...

9 months?! How did that happen?! He sure is cute!

Sarah said...

My guess is a Toy Story theme!? I love planning birthday parties. So much fun and cute stuff.

Cali said...

Toy Story! can't wait to see how you do it!

Shandi said...

I was thinking Toy Story too! I need help planning a birthday party. Jordan will be 1 soon! I don't know where everyone will sit, my house isn't big enough! There will be at least 20 people!