Thursday, March 10, 2011

Parent Teacher Conference

Tonight Ryan and I took Kade to Parent Teacher Conference. We are so proud of Kade! He is doing so well in school and it makes me happy. We had someone come watch Kamryn and Keegan for a couple hours while Ryan and I went to PTC and then we took Kade to dinner afterwards at Red Robin. Unfortunately Kade was a little disappointed that the Robin was not there to walk around and shake hands and give high fives but it was fun to just be able to spend time with him and give him some special attention. Keegan and Kamryn occupy a lot of time so we don’t always have a whole lot of  alone time with just Kade and for four years he was used to it just being him. But when we asked if he liked it with just him or if he wished Kamryn and Keegan were with us. He said he wished his brother and sister were there with us. We must be boring!


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