Friday, March 25, 2011

Random pictures from March

P1040684 P1040709 P1040712 P1040722Keegan dropped his bottle for Kamryn’s sippy cup. So switching from bottle to sippy doesn’t seem like it will be much of a problem.

 P1040733Kade has a new room! Just kidding. This is my parent’s kennel for their horse dog Harley.

 P1040735Think it might be  a little bright during naptime? Whenever I have gone to wake Kamryn up from a nap I find her with the blanket over her head. She has a big girl bed now that we will move her into as soon as we find/get a bottom mattress for the trudle because it’s high off the ground and we don’t want her to fall off at night and hurt herself!


Keegan’s new shoes. He hasn’t like to wear any of the shoes I have tried on or actually bought and returned because they are too hard on the bottom. So I decided to order some cute Pedipeds for him. Kamryn had a pair that she wore all the time and I loved them. Keegan hasn’t even tried to pull them off yet and it’s been almost a week. P1040848 P1040849

This little man is growing up too fast. In this picture he was clapping (which he just started doing) and then today he crawled up to one of the small chairs and started pushing it around while walking and then pushing the Buzz bike thing of Kamryn’s around while walking. He was also getting his second tooth in this picture! Look at those rosy cheeks. Yep the little guy has 2 teeth now. i am surprised since Kamryn only had 1 barely on her first birthday.  He also like to dance/bounce to music. So funny!


Christy said...

:) So cute!! I probably say this all time time, but your kids are growing up so fast! :) Love the pictures!! We should go get a treat one of these nights!

Nicki said...

Maggie only sleeps with the blanket over her face. I have to hold her tight and put the balnket in her face and she is out. I love it. I had two pairs of those shoes for Brody and I LOVED THEM!