Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The silver tooth…

I have felt so guilty lately. Guilty that I let Kade skip brushing his teeth at night because I didn’t want to deal with the whining and blah blah blah and now I am kicking myself because he has so many cavities. I warned him that if he didn’t brush his teeth that he would get cavities. He didn’t believe me until now. When I was a kid I never had cavities and I don’t remember being a great brusher when I was younger, so when I would have to fight with Kade I thought, they are only baby teeth and I didn’t get any cavities so I am sure he will be fine. I was so wrong! He has quite a few.

So today he got one side of his mouth fixed and because one of his teeth needed fillings on 3 sides they needed to cap it off with a silver tooth! Kade is not excited about this at all. I had to drag him into the dentist. He cried and cried. He did so awesome though. He got up in that chair like a big boy and didn’t even cry or whine. The dentist was so great with him about explaining things without “explaining” them to the point where he was scared. He was hilarious on the laughing gas. I myself have never had laughing gas or even seen someone who was on laughing gas. He would laugh at the dentist’s stupid jokes when normally my shy boy would just smile. He got the watermelon scented gas. When they first numbed his mouth he reached up and pulled on his lip. I can’t wait for when he goes again in a couple weeks so I can witness this laughing gas experience again. Of course I may let Ryan experience it next time. 

Anyhow as soon as he got out of the chair I think he fully realized what just happened. He got a silver tooth! He started crying and crying. They were all worried he was in pain. He wasn’t, he was just upset that he no longer had a white tooth anymore and that it was silver. He still is not very happy about it. Hopefully he gets used to it because there is another one coming!

We went to Target and I let him pick out a toy to buy with some birthday money from Aunt Ashley. I kicked in a few dollars since he did so awesome but the rule was he couldn’t complain about the silver tooth anymore if I bought him what he wanted. He decided on the Tangled DS game. I tried to talk him into another one, but that movie is a favorite at our house right now. We get out to the car and I opened it up for him and he said,  “ Mom, is this a girl game?” I said, “Well it could be either, but I am sure there are more girls than boys that want that game.” his reply was a laugh and then he said, “I will let my sister play it!” We stopped at McDonalds and I got him a chocolate shake so that he could have something to fill his tummy without chewing. When we got home he very willingly took some Children’s Advil! No complaints, now that’s a first!P1040969

This is what he is doing now! Hope his mouth doesn’t hurt too bad or going back to the dentist in a few weeks is not going to be fun. Hopefully he just remembers the yummy smelling watermelon!


Teri said...

I felt so guilty too when my kids had to get a cap... but hey..it happens..and they fall out so its fine!! Now I just say they better brush good or they will have to go and get more!

Sher said...

The watermelon laughing gas sounds quite entertaining! I agree with ya, I don't remember being that great with brushing my teeth and I never had a cavity until like I was 18-19. Kade is so big now, it's crazy, he's adorable!