Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kade’s Birthday Party

So today Kade had a birthday party with mostly friends from school. One of his friends from church was able to make it too. He had lots of fun but I don’t think we will have a birthday party at our house again. It’s crazy with that many 5-6 year olds running around! I thought my games would take up lots of time and that I had everything planned out perfect….Nope we were done and then the kids wanted to jump on the trampoline and I was afraid someone was going to end up hurt. All in all it was fun but next time he has a birthday party it will definitely not be at our house. I do have to say that I had a lot of fun planning it all!

Here’s the invitation I did. I just scanned a flat Lego building surface and used a digital scrapbooking program to add in all the elements and pictures.

Copy of kadelegobdaysample

This is subway art I made. I have it framed in my “subway art” frame that I change out for each holiday.


It has his entire name i just blacked out the rest of his name for privacy issues. Who knows I could have his entire name somewhere on this blog but it just seemed safer…

I was at the Lego store and found this ice cube mold for $7.99.  I ended up making chocolates and crayons with it.

To make the crayons I just melted the crayons in a microwave safe bowl or one you could just toss when you are done would work great. I kept melting and stirring. Then I just poured it into the mold and let it cool. I put it in the fridge to speed up the process. Here are pictures of my test batch. I ended up doing Blue, Green, Red and Yellow and put them in the treat bags for all the guests.

For the chocolates I did the same thing.

P1040700 P1040696  P1040701P1040705


For the piñata I just used a shoebox and wrapped it in tissue paper and used the cardboard from the paper towel roll. Super simple and cheap! 

P1040892P1040894   P1040902 P1040901  P1040905 P1040903 P1040907

We played a Lego version of pin the tail on the donkey where they had to pin the circle on the Lego. I just got a big poster board and drew 6 circles and then cut out circles for the kids to try and stick to the circles blindfolded. (this was their favorite game and probably the cheapest game!


We ended up playing this one a couple times!

I also made my own BINGO game. I found a bunch of different Lego pictures and made 8 different BINGO boards. Then I printed off the pictures so that they were bigger and put them on colored paper. I laid them out face down and let each of them pick a card. Then they put a marshmallow on  the corresponding picture on their bingo board.

I just bought cupcakes (less work for me) at Sam’s club and then I made Lego chocolates to put on top.

P1040897P1040898P1040899   P1040918

P1040919P1040909 P1040910  P1040912  P1040914 P1040915 P1040916    P1040921 P1040922 P1040923 P1040924  P1040926 P1040927 P1040928   P1040931    P1040937    P1040941 P1040942

For the treat bags I just bought a package of primary colored small gift bags at Michaels and then filled them with the Lego crayons I made, a pencil, a sticky hand thing that Kade just had to get, their piñata candy, bubbles, and this cool Lego kit that comes with 8 little Lego sets that are great for parties!

I got lots of ideas from other blogs for this party and used different ideas from each blog.

Here are the links I used. (I didn’t really use anything from this one but loved the marshmallow shooter idea! (this one was my favorite. I really wanted to buy the Lego head organizer that she used as a center piece, but didn’t really want to spend the money)

I tried making these but Kade wanted to use JUMBO (they are bigger than the large) marshmallows and so they didn’t turn out as well and the edible ink I purchased did not write on my chocolate. So I didn’t end up even putting them out.

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