Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Kade!

The night before Kade’s birthday I was telling Ryan how cool it would be to relive our memories. I would love to go back in time and relive the birth of Kade. I actually like giving birth. Of course I get an epidural and maybe that is why it isn’t much of a painful experience well at least the birthing part not after.

Kade was telling me something yesterday that was dangerous and I told him eh couldn’t do it because I didn’t want to lose another baby! He told me, “Mom, I am not a baby!” I told him that he will always be my baby. So this morning when it was time to go to school he said, “Mom you have to take me to school because I’m your baby!”

All the fun started Saturday. Due to our work schedules the only way to have Kade’s birthday present set up was to do it Saturday. So we put together his Trampoline!


There is a net and pad and everything but as soon as the mat was down Kade was on it! He begged to open more presents since Grandma and Grandpas came in the mail that day. So we let him pick one present. He picked a box that looked like they might be light up Sketchers….they weren’t but they were some awesome shoes!

 P1040864   P1040866

I let him decide whether or not to go to school the next day. I had planned on the babysitter coming because I had to work Monday night but ended up getting super sick on Monday night and had to miss work. I am glad it left by morning and that so far none of the kids got it, I was pretty miserable! So anyhow since he wasn’t going to school and Ryan had to work early that morning we let him open a present that he could play the next day. He opened another present from Grandma and Grandpa Williams…

 P1040867 P1040868 P1040869 P1040870  P1040872 P1040873 P1040874  P1040876

Had to have a cool outfit to wear on his birthday. It ended up getting dirty halfway through the day of his birthday so I had him open up the rest of the present from us, clothes!

 P1040877 P1040878 P1040879He looks so proud of his underwear!

 P1040880 P1040881 P1040882 P1040883

We went to many stores looking for the light up Sketchers that he was using birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa John and Aunts and Uncles to buy them with. I finally found them at a store near Ryan’s work. So he picked them up for us on his way to meet us at the mall so Kade could to their free Lego build and pick out his birthday present from our friends the Dunn’s. They left him a gift card at the Lego store to buy something of his choice. He had a hard time deciding what he wanted! I will have to post a picture of the new Sketcher shoes soon! He LOVE them!

Then we met up with the Dunn’s and Burningham’s at Red Robin for dinner. It was crazy but it was nice to see everyone and Kade was happy to see his friends! The Burningham’s gave Kade Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie (which is his favorite as of late) and a Cars book that is for beginner readers. He walks around quoting it and even wants to do his hair like the wimpy kid!

 P1040885 P1040886 P1040887 P1040888  SaraJane, Landon, Kade and Sumner. Kade was playing his DS.


Kade, Landon and his girlfriend SaraJane!

Happy Birthday to my first baby! We love you so much Kade. You are becoming a great big brother and we are proud of you! XOXOXO!

Love Mom and Dad

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