Thursday, April 28, 2011


Some days with Kade at the store are just horrible but today he was such a great helper and wanted to do everything. I love it when he likes to help! 

Just before I picked him up from school today I remembered something that was very sweet and special to me from Easter Sunday. When we got in the car ready to leave church and head home Kade was so excited to tell me something. He said, “Guess what Mom, guess what!? I told my teacher about my little brother Kooper!” He was so proud and happy. I am sure they were talking about the resurrection and how one day our loves ones will be resurrected too.

Thanks Kade for making my day way better than I expected it to be!  P1050106  It also makes me happy when he is nice to his sister!P1050108 P1050109 P1050110

Oh and I can’t forget about these tulips(I think that’s what they are) that Ryan brought home Saturday night! They make me happy too!

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