Monday, April 25, 2011

Field Trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens

So Friday Kade’s class went on a field trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens. As soon as he found out that they would be going on a field trip he wanted me to be a chaperone. So when we got the permission slip I signed up. Well i guess almost every parent wanted to go, so to make it fair they put all the kids names in a hat that their parents volunteered and Kade’s name was drawn so I got to go…lucky me (eyes rolling)!

I loved going on the field trip to the Children’s Museum, but the Desert Botanical Gardens, not so much. The best part was going into the butterfly exhibit where there were many live butterflies flying everywhere and if you were lucky then one would land on you.

Here are a few pictures of us on the way there…

P1050045 P1050040 P1050042

Here they are learning about plants….they were so bored! Not to rag on the program but the things they taught the kids and the 3 types of plants they looked at you can find ANYWHERE in AZ. They could have taught these kids the same thing at the school. Why not go to the Zoo that is only a few miles away from the school instead of driving at least 45 minutes? Then our guide only left us 10 minutes to spend in the butterfly garden before we had to get back on the bus. Oh well I was glad I could go and help out.

P1050047 P1050048

 P1050049 P1050050 P1050052  This was Kade’s favorite butterfly!

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Lori said...

I'm such a bad mom, I had totally forgot it was field trip day. Jace had a lot of fun at the "mechanical gardens".