Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Grandma

On Tuesday morning (May 17, 2011) I got news that my Grandma Alder, Sarah Ann "Aniece" Parkinson Alder had passed away. From how she had been doing I knew it was coming but was still shocked to hear the news. I love her so much and wish I would have lived closer so that in recent years I could have spent more time visiting her. Every time we went up to Utah to visit we would go visit my grandparents.
My Grandma was such a sweet lady, always getting mad when we didn’t tell her in advance that we were coming because she wished she would have made dinner for us. She helped me make a quilt for Ryan when we were dating and was always so kind and loving.
About 5 years ago I got a book for my Grandma called, Grandma tell me your memories. It was basically a journal that asked different questions that she could answer. In 2007 she had finally finished and mailed it to me. In there were wonderful stories of my Grandma. I will treasure it forever! Included in it were these pictures.
 002grandma                                                                                                This was her engagement picture.

A few more pictures I found of her… 001                            
This is a picture of My grandma Alder holding me on my blessing day.                                                     
Beside her is my sister Bree and my Grandma Williams

Grandma with her great grand-daughter Kamryn (December 2009)IMG_0269   P1040216
Grandma holding her Great-Grandson Keegan (December 2010).

When I lost Kooper my sweet Grandma wrote Ryan and I a letter that brought me so much comfort and I felt her love all the way from Idaho! Here is my favorite part of it.
I don’t know what I can say to you kids to comfort you and give you hope except we know that we’ll see and have that wonderful little child to get to know, care for and love again. And we also know that there are several great-great Grandmothers up there to welcome and love and care for him until you get to have him and love him again.
I know my grandma is now up there caring and loving on my little Kooper. I love and miss them both very much. I am sure the reunion she has been having with all her loved ones that have passed on is a wonderful one but we miss her dearly here on earth. She was an amazing women and such an inspiration to me. Until we meet again, I love you!


Christy said...


I'm so sorry. What a beautiful post! I love those precious pictures, what treasures. I'm sorry she is passed on. Losing grandparents is rougher than I thought it would be...even when you know it's coming.


Teri said...

Im sorry....That post was so sad.. but so beautiful... miss you friends..its been too long!!! hope you have a safe trip... we must get together soon:)

Sher said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman and grandma. That memory book is neat idea. I cherish my grandma that passed aways also. But am so happy to know I will see her again.