Monday, September 22, 2008

New job!

So for those of you out there that haven't heard or didn't see my sweet husband's blog...I am finally putting my very EXPENSIVE schooling to work! (believe me it's expensive, I am seeing the wrath of it now!)

So tomorrow I start my new job at a sleep study clinic. Basically I will be hooking up patients to all sorts of monitors and I will monitor their apneic episodes. If they get really bad I will hook them up to a CPAP machine that keeps their airway open and helps them sleep without interruptions.

I am very excited to start my new career. I have been very blessed throughout my schooling with a job that has been very flexible with my crazy school schedule and the people I worked with were wonderful and hard to leave.

I knew after we had Kooper that I would be starting a new career, but I didn't realize how ready I would be to start it. I thought it was going to be a very dreadful day leaving my infant son at a daycare with all those lovely viruses and bacterias! I thought I would be a mess of a mom scared to death because strangers would be watching my baby!

I am sad that I don't have that worry, I am sad that I don't get to see his smiling face everyday. I am sad that I don't get to cradle him in my arms, hear him cry, make silly noises and even change his poopy diapers. I am sad that I don't hear a screaming baby that is depending on me to provide and nurture to his every need.

But I am happy to know that my Kooper is with our Heavenly Father and all of his family and friends from the premortal life. He is serving a much greater mission in heaven. I am happy and grateful that he is my little boy. I am grateful that I got to spend 38 weeks and 2 days with him kicking and flipping around inside me. He left his mark (literally), but I am glad. I am happy to be a Mother of a chosen spirit that is perfect and pure. I can't wait until the day that we will meet again and our family will be together again.

So wish me luck! It's been a while since I started a new job, and I need all the luck I can get.


TheBurninghams said...

yay. Good luck kami. Koopers watching over you now.

BOWDENS said...

Good luck Kami!! You'll do great!