Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kamryn’s dance recitals

Kamryn had 2 performances in December. The city we live in does a party the first weekend of December every year and they got to show off their dance. Kamryn was so shy! She liked watching the others dance but didn’t want to go up there. Luckily her sweet Teacher was very helpful and she went up there and did a great job. She was very concerned about standing on her spot.
 IMG_3562 IMG_3567 IMG_3572 IMG_3585IMG_3582
Kade wasn’t too excited about getting his picture taken…
Then the following Saturday was here dance recital. She did really well at this one because they had practice on Thursday, dress rehearsal on Friday and the recital Saturday. So she remembered much more!
  IMG_3635 IMG_3618
During their last practice the parents come and they have a little party.
IMG_3681 IMG_3679 IMG_3680
She can’t wait to do it again in the Spring!

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