Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

IT snowed for 3 days straight before Christmas! The kids loved playing in the snow. Kade and his cousin Daion went sledding quite a bit down a hill by my parents house. Keegan loved the snow and Kamryn wanted to play in the snow but didn’t want to wear the ugly snow pants. They were purple, one of her favorite colors but they were pants. This girls hates pants! She thinks she isn’t pretty unless she has a skirt or dress on with the pants. Seeing Keegan and I out in the snow helped her decide that maybe it was okay that she wasn’t pretty for a few minutes! Kade was such a nice big brother and pulled her on the sled.

 IMG_3777  IMG_3779 IMG_3782 IMG_3778

So I don’t remember the last time I went and played in the snow. I got all dressed in some snow gear and went out with the kids. I brought my phone so I could take pictures. Then I figured well I can’t really take pictures with these gloves on so I put my phone down my shirt instead of taking it back inside. I kept checking to make sure it was there. I figured that my shirt is tucked in and if it fell it would go down my snow pants and my snow pants were tucked into my boots so I didn’t think it would be possible to loose it. I was wrong. I lost my phone in the snow!  I went up to my parents deck where there wasn’t much snow and practically started stripping all my snow clothes off checking for the phone. I got my mom’s attention ( I didn’t want to tell Ryan yet…) I asked her to start calling my phone because I lost it in the snow. She started calling it but of course I left it on silent! So I am digging through the snow, retracing my steps. At one point I got Kamryn and Keegan and we all said a prayer because I knew if I lost it that I wouldn’t be getting another iphone anytime soon. Kade was the lifesaver. He found my phone! The snow was super powdery that it didn’t even really get my phone wet!

Then we went inside and got all cleaned up! The kids put on their Christmas jammies and I wore my lovely Christmas Turtle neck that I bought in hopes to go to an ugly Christmas sweater (didn’t find a sweater) party! Maybe next year I will host one!

IMG_3783 IMG_3788

Keegan loved playing Guess Who all by himself. He played it FOREVER. Just opening and shutting all those doors.


Then he fell asleep on Grandma’s nice soft carpet!


The next morning Santa came!

IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3793 IMG_3794 IMG_3796 IMG_3805 IMG_3808 IMG_3815 IMG_3822 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3832 IMG_3834 IMG_3838 IMG_3839

Santa left a picture of a Razor bike and 2 light up wheel skooters sitting under our Christmas tree waiting for us. We had a yummy breakfast and dinner made by my mom! We also went to see my Grandparents in Malad! 

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