Thursday, January 31, 2013

First part of our Utah trip!

For Christmas this year we drove up to Utah. The kids were the best they have ever been. There was no crying at all!

Keegan’s tongue just slips out when he is concentrating really hard!



Ashley and Maleaha were up visiting when we got there! Kamryn was so excited to play with her cousins!

 IMG_3747 Later that week we all drove down to Layton and ate at Crown Burger (YUM!) and then got on the train and headed to the Temple lights and the new mall to visit Santa! It was super cold!


Ryan, Kade, Maleaha, Kami, Daion, Kamryn and Keegan waiting for the train to come!

 IMG_3752  IMG_3757IMG_3748IMG_3759Grandpa and his girls!

  IMG_3768 IMG_3769

IT was packed at the mall  and really cold! The wait to see Santa was REALLLY long so we just went back.  It was super fun though!

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