Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Crazy Kids!

So yesterday I started a post and a while later I couldn't figure out where it went…I have not blogged in so long that I am not even sure what to blog about! I usually like to have pictures to go along with blogs because honestly that is what I usually enjoy about reading others blog posts. Unfortunately I have been HORRIBLE about taking pictures lately. Maybe if I had an iphone it would be easier?

Anyhow I have all these funny little things about my kids floating around in my head that I don’t want to forget.

Kade: He just started flag football and had his first game last Saturday. He was so nervous he faked having a sprained ankle. He got over it fast and was out on the field in no time. Kade is such a helper when he wants to be and is always asking for another sibling. Maybe he has the same problem I do. I just feel like we are missing someone, Kooper. I don’t think I will ever feel complete, even if I had 4 more kids…Kade is doing good in his school work but he is not coming home with green lights. I am not happy about it so I asked his teacher why he is having such a hard time. Apparently Kade likes to entertain the class with arm farts and who knows what else. Once he is moved to the front he can focus and actually get work done!  So hopefully he starts doing better.  Kade is always so concerned about others and is so caring.

Kamryn: She is the little diva of the house. She has a silly personality only you wouldn’t know if you were a stranger because she is so shy! Much shyer than I think I ever was. She loves to dance and last Saturday we had corn with dinner. Well on Tuesday during dinner she sneezed out a piece of corn…so she sure does know how to store food just maybe in the wrong places! She is learning things so fast and Kade has almost mastered teaching her the arm fart. Great! She is having a hard time going down for naps and bedtime. She screams in her room and kicks the door and I just have to ignore it. Today after she stopped crying I went in to check on her and luckily I didn’t open the door. I noticed something sticking out from under the door….it was one of her pig tails. She was fast asleep on the floor next to the door. I just wish she would lay down and shut her eyes like she does for the babysitter!

Keegan: Keegan is the happiest boy on earth. The other day we were at McDonalds and he was over playing with the kids. I could see where he was at but not what was going on. Apparently someone bit him and he didn’t even make a sound. He is a tough little guy. I guess you have to be when you have an older brother and sister that wrestle with ya! I noticed last night that Keegan kind of looks like Dopey from Snow White and the seven dwarfs. It’s that big smile of his! He is such a sweetheart and I couldn’t imagine our family without him. He has recently started to say new words. I was a little worried because he has only said 3 words for the longest time and now he is finally repeating words. He is very observant little guy though. I love to just watch him.

The kids are crazy and fun and we love the joy they bring to our lives even though there are times where we wish we could just go hide in the closet….I think that is why god made bedtime! So the parents could recoup and prepare for another crazy day with the kids!

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Lori said...

I was just thinking the other day how I missed your daily post. So, yah for the update!