Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

Last night as Kade, Kamryn and I were heading home from Ryan's softball game we went through the drive through at McDonalds since I hadn't fed Kade dinner and it was nearly 7:30. When I completed the order I was asked, "Would you like to donate a dollar to the Ronald McDonald house?" Of course! I said, "Sure" and thought nothing of it. When I reached the window to pay she handed me a pad and let me write a name for it to be posted. I love opportunities to either write Kooper's name or acknowledge him in some way. So I dedicated my dollar to Kooper. After I wrote it I rolled up my window and tears filled my eyes. I thought about my sweet little angel and then I thought of the blogs I have read of Mother's staying in the Ronald McDonald houses. They have gone through tough times and because of those who donate they don't have to worry about a place to stay so they can be there for their children in need. So if you ever get the chance to donate to it, it is such a great charity.

Another thing you can do is save the tops of your pop cans. We do this in our house and there is someone at Ryan's work that donates them to The Ronald McDonald House Charity.


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