Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Well the first part of October started with a trip to Wichita Kansas. Why on earth would be go to Kansas you might ask....well Ryan got a new job with his company and it is taking us to Wichita! The kids went to their cousins for the weekend and Ryan, Kylee and I were off to go look for a place to live.

By the end of our second flight she was OUT! IT was a long day of traveling!

But once we got to our hotel she was all excited. Probably because she wasn't all cooped up anymore and she could roam free!

The next morning before looking at houses we stopped a famous donut place in wichita. They had some interesting flavored donuts!

Our happy girl! After getting in and out 20 times she was not this hapy anymore!

The kids hanging out with their cousins! They swam a bunch, played dress up and rode bikes outside!

Movie time!
Aunt Jeni took them to the old Territorial Prison in Yuma. I went when I was a little girl when I came down to visit my Grandma and Grandpa Alder. 

Well we have narrowed it down to a few favorite houses. Now we just have to get ours sold first before we can do anything else!

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