Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kylee Jo Perry is here!!!

Well today is the day I am being induced! 12/22/14!
Had to take a little selfie of my belly!

Our friends the Dunn's watched our kids overnight and the following day while we had the baby! We stopped on our way to the hospital and ate at Zuppas! YUM!

We are ready for her to come anytime!!!

They started me on pitocin and i was only dilated to a 1. The contractions were consistent for a few hours and then they would spread out so they would up the pitocin. Finally the morning shift nurse gets there and says that if I get the epidural she will up it faster than if I don't. I really want to be home for Christmas and don't want this to be long and stretched out so I get the epidural and the dr breaks my water. They have to keep upping my epidural. i think they got up to 22. At one point I can't feel or move my toes so I ask for the epi to be turned down. The Dr was in the OR and couldn't turn it down without his consent so she just shut if off. Then she checks me and has me push one time. She tells me to stop and they call the Dr. He gets there in about 10 minutes and then tells me to push. I push and her head and shoulders are out. I push one more time and she is completely out. It was the easiest and fastest delivery I have ever had. She wasn't sunny side up like 3 of my other kids. I was so shocked that she was out right away. I was prepared to push for a long time.
Born on December 23rd at 2:43PM she weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 21 inches long.

They bathed her in the room and she loved getting her hair washed. She loved the noise of the running water.

They gave her a cute Christmas hat that one of the nurses made for the Christmas babies.

Christmas eve the kids came with Ryan and brought me my favorite, Mr. Goodcents. Keegan held Kylee while they watched a movie. Luckily my friend Nicholette came to visit and took the kids back to her house to play with her kids and make cookies while we waited to get tests back to see if we could go home that day.

Thankfully we did!!!! She passed hearing and blood test so we were released!

Here the kids are ready to open their Christmas Eve present.

Kylee in her new Christmas PJ's

Thankfully the kids made cookies at the Sperry's to give to Santa!

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