Saturday, December 20, 2014

December part 1

Keegan has been going to preschool at my friends 1 day a week. He always has a blast with his friend Lily!

We took Kooper his Christmas tree.

I haven't gotten many ultrasound pictures of Kylee. I see her but they don't print them. She is doing well. She's been head down ever since I was 28 weeks! She loves to move around. I have videos of her poking her limbs out! haha
Kamryn on our way to her dress rehearsal. She wasn't feeling well but she powered through so she would know where to stand next week at her recital.

Just before her performance at the Surprise Days party.

Kamryn and Keegan rode the train.

And then saw Santa!

Ryan and Kade were going to zipline. Ryan ended up going alone.

That same day we went to Mesa and met up with our friends the Burningham's to go to the temple lights and dinner at Culvers!

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