Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 and December part 2

Santa came and ate the treats and left a treat and a book!

Apparently I didn't make Kylee's stocking big enough to actually get her in it. I attempted to thougha nd take this cute picture! haha

Kylee had her first sponge bath since being home from the hospital. Kade was my picture taker!

She loved the water, just like at the hospital!

The kids playing with their toys! We also got a Wii U so the boys had a great time playing it!

That night my parents arrived! It was like Christmas morning all over again!

Aunt Ashley made this cute Christmas hat for her. 

The Burninghams came to see Kylee! It was fun to have them visit!

Grandma and Grandpa with their newest Grandbaby!

We forgot to go to Anthem before Christmas so before they took down the tree we went to go see it!

The kids had fun playing outside.

Proud Mama!

My Mom and I made toffee and even some black licorice caramels (the caramels didn't turn out that great...but they tasted good!)

The kids already for Church in their Sunday Best with the sun right in their eyes!!!!
Looking forward to a NEW YEAR!

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