Thursday, August 18, 2011

The tooth fairy

Kade lost his first tooth yesterday. It has been loose for a while and on Tuesday it was barely attached to his gum. Here is a pic of what it looked like then. I just realized that his face was a MESS when i took this. Oh well! P1060296 

During lunch yesterday he said he pulled it out, must have had some friends rooting him on because I have been trying to get him to pull it out for a while. (I was the kid that as soon as the tooth was just a little loose I would have it out later that day.)

He kept telling us that the tooth fairy was going to bring him $100! Not the tooth fairy that comes to our house. So this morning when he woke up sure enough he had $1 under his pillow. I am pretty sure in the next week or so the tooth fairy will be coming again. The other bottom front tooth is just about ready to come out!


Christy said...

That tooth fairy is very busy these days. She had to visit us twice in a week. :) At first I thought you told Kade the tooth fairy was going to come and bring him one hundred dollars...that would get me thinking about pulling a few teeth myself... ;)

Kallee said...

I don't check your blog (or any blog for that matter) near enough. I love the updates, how fun to loose a tooth! Kinlee can't wait.

Your family picture at the top is so stinkin' cute !!