Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camping with the Perry’s

Once we got back to Utah we did family pictures with my family Friday night and then after that Ryan took Kade up to the Porcupine Dam camping area that his Dad and Step-mom were camping at to stay the night. The next day Ryan came back to pick up me and the little ones to go  back up to the campsite.

Here is Kade not wanting to take the helmet off and trying to drink with it on…not a good idea! He loved getting 4-wheeler rides from Grandpa Ron and Daddy. P1060036 P1060042  P1060079P1060055 P1060070 

The bottom left picture is of Kamryn being Rappunzel with flowers in her hair. She kept saying,” Ruppunzel, let down your hair!” We had a lot of fun hanging out with Ryan’s Dad’s side of the family and eating some delicious food! Maybe in a couple years Kamryn and Keegan will actually be brave enough to actually camp…or maybe I should say I will be brave enough to camp with them?

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Our Family said...

Haven't blogged for a while. Just caught up clear back to Kooper's birthday. Your children have grown up. They are adorable.