Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random pictures from our trip

We did a bunch of other things but I only really posted things I actually took pictures of. Too lazy to write it all out. Kade got to have some much needed playtime outdoors for a change. It’s too hot in AZ to play outside for more than 5 minutes at a time. He got to go to the local pool twice and had a blast swimming. I am glad he has finally gotten used to the water!

Here are a few other random pics I wanted to post…

P1060212Keegan was loving the Playschool Dollhouse people and driving them in the car. He loved all the dogs too at all the grandparents house…oh yeah and the cats at Grandma Anita’s too!

He loves to sweep and mop…So if anyone needs a helper let me know! I will let you barrow him for a day! He is really cute and gives out hugs for free and likes to be paid in food!

 P1060086 P1060211

Kamryn hanging out with Ashee (Ashley).

I wish I would have taken more pictures…Oh well! It was so much fun to visit. We got to see my grandparents too and Ryan was able to hang out with a few friends and golfed A TON! Wish we were still there in the cool weather. My computer says it’s 101 degrees right now but I am pretty sure it’s a lie. I was just outside and it HAS to be hotter than that!

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