Friday, July 29, 2011

Kooper’s 3rd Angel Birthday - July 11

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy! I love and miss him so much. To celebrate him and his birth we had some friends over for brownies and ice cream on Sunday since on his actual birthday I had to work and it would be hard to have friends over on Monday. Before we had ice cream we sat down and watched a video that my friend Jenna and I put together for his first birthday. Kamryn watched so intently it was so cute!

On Monday when I got home from work Ryan had picked up some balloons and we each wrote a message on them and then went to the cemetery and had a little balloon release. I forgot the new pinwheel I bought to put over there so we will have to go again soon.

P1050471Message from Dad

P1050472Message from Kade

P1050473Message from Mom

P1050475On our way to the cemetery

P1050476P1050477we let the kids keep the blue and orange balloons to play with as part of Kooper’s birthday and released 3 white balloons in honor of his 3rd birthday.P1050478P1050479P1050483P1050486P1050492P1050495P1050505P1050508

Reaching for the balloons


We love you Kooper! XOXOXO!

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Young Family said...

Happy birthday Kooper!

I was thinking about you the other day. Are you coming to Utah anytime soon?