Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hawaii Anniversary Trip - Day 4




We went snorkeling at Hanauma bay. It was amazing. It is a great place for beginners. It is shallow and if you go out far it gets deeper for those that are more advanced. We booked through a company that provide the snorkel gear and transportation. You really don’t need a life jacket. The fins help you float and if you aren’t planning on going in deep you don’t need to be a real advanced swimmer. Just remember only breath in and out through your mouth. There is a separate charge of $7.50 per person to enter the bay unless you are a member of the military or resident of Hawaii. They do have lockers down on the bay to put your bags with money/wallet or phone in. We didn’t know and it would have been nice to know. I won’t even go into the story! You can also bring your own lunch, they do sell snacks there too. You can take a ride down to the bay from the entrance for a fee of $1 and back up for $1.25. We could have spent the whole day there but we had planned something else that afternoon. Someone we met there had a cool waterproof digital camera that they said they purchased in CA for $30. We purchased a waterproof disposable camera….wish we would have looked for a digital because we don’t know yet how our pictures turned out and we only had 24 chances! Also I haven’t developed pictures from actual film in years…well it was $12 just to develop my roll of film and get 1 print and the pictures onto a disk. Next time we will be better prepared!

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