Thursday, February 7, 2013

January Recap…since I’m so behind!

When we got home from our Trip to Utah we went out to the cemetery to pick up Kooper’s Christmas tree and stopped for some lunch!

 IMG_3876    IMG_3880IMG_3879

Keegan was there…Just didn’t get any pics of the crazy kid!

Nappy time! This doesn’t happen often at our house lately! Unless its by accident or I get in a really bad mood and force them to nap. It ends up biting me in the rear because if they nap they take longer to fall asleep at night.

IMG_4037IMG_3899 IMG_3900

Ryan got free tickets to the Fiesta Bowl! We wore our Utah State sweatshirts because we weren’t huge fans of either team. We did cheer for the ducks though, and then won! 

Keegans favorite thing to do…run his fingers through my hair!

IMG_3903   IMG_4006 IMG_3908IMG_3910

Our old babysitter Laura and her husband Kyle came to visit before they moved to Michigan. They just had a baby boy a few months earlier named Brody. All Kade wanted to do was hold him. He really wants another baby to join our family…


Kamryn loves to dress up like Belle!

Fun at the park!


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