Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The end of our Utah trip (insert sad face)

We went to Boondocks down in Layton and the kids had a blast on the Go-karts while the younger ones had fun playing in a huge play area and with the arcade games. I didn’t do a great job getting pictures of anything!



We went on a double date with Ashley and Jared to Lagoon! It was fun. We haven’t been in about 4 years so it was nice to go have fun without the kids!

 IMG_2507 IMG_2451  IMG_2461 IMG_2463

Keegan and Maleaha sharing some treats!


We had a picnic down at a park, it was super hot so we didn’t stay very long. We all got one of our favorite foods all from different places and took it to the park.


On our way home luckily at one point all the kids were sleeping at the same time. Then later on I had to bribe Keegan with gum! Oh the joys of 12 hour car rides!

I wish I got more pictures of Kade, most of the time he was outside playing with neighborhood kids and being free kid. Now he is back in AZ in our prison…too hot to go outside and I am too afraid to let him go play anywhere else alone besides the back yard!

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