Thursday, May 31, 2012

Running through the sprinklers!


We had a movie night to kick off our summer vacation! Wish I could have the whole summer off work!

The first few days Grandma Anita was here we spent a lot of time running through the sprinklers and hanging out around the house since Ryan or I had to work.

     One day we went to Old Navy….and Keegan fell in love! I have a picture of Kade at this age doing the same thing! He looked at her and said, “Hi!” he was confused when she didn’t respond. IMG_1531

Keegan and I were looking for lizards. It’s his favorite thing to do outside. Kade was trying to catch one!IMG_8086IMG_8084IMG_8079 IMG_8088IMG_8083IMG_8087IMG_8072 IMG_8068 IMG_8062  IMG_8057 IMG_8055 IMG_8046IMG_8000     IMG_8010IMG_8009IMG_8015

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