Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Last One

Shortly after Ryan and I got married I started to notice that there was always a few cookies left in the package and no matter what Ryan wouldn't eat them. Or there was just enough ice cream left in the bucket for just one serving, but again he never ate it. I wouldn't want to eat it either trying to be nice and letting him have the last one but eventually I asked him, "Why don't you ever eat the last one? Why do you always just leave the last one there in the bag?" His response (not exact but what I remember) My Mom always got mad when we ate all of a bag of something so I always made sure to leave some for her. Not just so she wouldn't get mad but to be nice too. I told him I really don't care and that he can eat the rest of something. He still (usually) leaves me the last one, which is very sweet of him. Sometimes I just have to say, "you can have the rest." so he will eat it. So now that Kade has the ability to get into the cupboard himself. Although he is supposed to ask for snacks or treats, sometimes he doesn't and just helps himself without us knowing. He would always finish off the bags. Ryan has been trying to teach him to, "always leave the last one for Mommy." Neither of us thought he would really start doing it because he just ignored Ryan's direction. Well today I walked into the pantry to get Keegan a snack and I went to get a couple Twizzlers Bites for Keegan and the bag was empty, or so I thought. There was actually ONE left. I asked Kade if he had eaten them. He said yes. Then I text Ryan and told him, "You trained him well, he left ONE in the bag in the pantry!" with a picture of the proof. Ryan's response, "I am sure that was accidental...But, I have always said the last one is always for Mommy! So I went to Kade and asked him if he knew he left one in the bag. He said, "Yes, It's for you!" like I should have known. What a nice kid! His wife is going to appreciate it one day. Thanks Ryan for being such a nice teacher and example. But really I don't mind if you do have the last one (unless it's my favorite)!

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Lori said...

What a cute little story, love it!