Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March Randomness

Here are so random pictures from March that I didn’t blog about… IMG_0782

My Parents came down and we went to the NASCAR race. It was a warm day. Got a nice sunburn!


Kamryn’s hair is getting so long, still thin but long! She likes her hair done like Rapunzel (braids). One day I will learn to French braid!


We have spent a lot of time outside having picnics and playing in this beautiful weather. I am not looking forward to the heat of the summer though!

 IMG_0861Kade has been such a great kid lately. Listening at school and at home. This quarter at school he got a Character award. We are so proud of him! He is such a boy and always taking his shirt off. Unfortunately Kamryn wants to follow him and take her shirt off. We are still teaching her about modesty:)

IMG_0863  IMG_0901 IMG_0926IMG_0793

Mr. Keegan loves to get into Mommy’s makeup and make us laugh with silly faces and sunglasses!   

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