Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kade’s 7th Birthday!

I can’t believe my baby is turned 7! Time is going by so fast! I put streamers on Kade’s door to surprise him when he woke up. He loved it and didn’t want to take them down. We finally took them down yesterday.I also bought the letters to make this happy birthday banner since last year our Happy Birthday Banner ripped.


I got him donuts for his breakfast birthday (this kid loves donuts!). Before school he opened presents from family. The kids all got angry bird shirts to wear to the birthday party. Notice them scattered across the floor?
IMG_1041 IMG_1043 IMG_1059

Then that night we had his birthday party with his friends at Pump It Up!

IMG_1083IMG_1068 IMG_1074 IMG_1081   IMG_1093 IMG_1098 IMG_1099  IMG_1135 IMG_1136 IMG_1137

Happy Birthday Kade! We love you so much and are so proud of you. You are a great big brother and a wonderful son even if you threw a rock over the fence and put a hole in the neighbors window.


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