Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kamryn's 6th Birthday

Ryan was going to be out of town on Kamryn's brithday so we had a pre birthday dinner at BJ's! Kamryn and Keegan got Pazookies with a candle.

The next morning wasn't actually her birthday but it was her party day and since Ryan wasn't going to be home we let her open presents. She really wanted a Skip-it (because hers broke) and a Ken doll for her Barbies.

Kylee loved playing with the wrapping paper!

Then the Barbie Birthday party began. I had a Barbie cake on my 6th birthday and told Kamryn about it and she wanted one too! So I found someone to make the cake, they fell through. A week before the party I attempted to make it after watching MANY youtube videos. That didn't work out so I began my search again and found a friend from my old ward and she did an amazing job!!!

Kamryn's friend from school has a birthday just a few days before Kamryn and their parties happened to be on the same day so after all the fun of our party we headed to Malaya's swim/monster high birthday party! 

On Kamryn's actual birthday we went to the water park!

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