Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Disneyland Day 1

So I did research before we went to Disneyland. I wanted to be prepared and try and save money. I read LOTS of blogs on all of that and was somewhat prepared going in but still nervous that we would waste time in between rides trying to decide what to do next and go from one side to the other constantly but actually it all turned out good!

I bought glow necklaces at the dollar store along with autograph books for the kids. Packed lots of snacks, water and capri suns for the kids. Chapstick, headache medicine, hand sanitizer that I attached to the stroller for easy use! I had it all! haha! I even had Ryan buy some USB battery chargers so we could charge our phones incase we used up all the battery taking pictures and letting the kids play with the phones while we waited in line.

   IMG_1729 IMG_1720

The first thing we did when we walked into the park was see Minnie Mouse! We were lucky enough to get a picture and her autograph before she had to leave. We saw Mickey too but he was in more of a hurry and just waved!  IMG_1722 Then we were off to the teacups while some of the others went to get fast passes for Space Mountain!IMG_1727 IMG_1728


While we went on the teacups Ryan and Kade got to see Hook! He made fun of Ryan’s (my) lanyard that held our tickets and fastpasses.IMG_1760

Had fun on DUMBO!


Let’s say doing Space Mountain as your 3rd ride isn’t smart with little ones. Kamryn and Keegan were terrified! There trust for us was gone!


The kids LOVED the train!


We had a yummy dole whip! Yummy! Took me back to The Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii! IMG_1750   IMG_1749

Keegan licked the bowl clean! Kamryn enjoyed the Rock wall we sat next to and decided to do a little climbing.

IMG_1732We didn’t get to meet the Frozen sisters but we did walk by there little house and peeked in! IMG_1755IMG_1756   



We ended our night with The Tower of Terror! This was mine and Kade’s first time! The last time I was at Disneyland I was pregnant and didn’t get to go! I am in the middle row on the far left. The it goes Kade, my Mom and Tasia. Then above us is Daion, Ashley, Maleaha (covered by my mom’s head) and Jared. Glad I didn’t force the little kids on this one. They would have HATED me! We went on a bunch of other rides and had a great time! We were sad that Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and Finding Nemo were all closed and under maintenance :(

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