Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Part 1

Kamryn had her second dance recital. She loved it and knew more of what was going on!
IMG_5147  IMG_5166   IMG_5158
Keegan turns 3!! We had a mini birthday for him because in a week him and Kamryn were going to have a big party! After daycare we took the kids to McDonalds to play and then my cousin Amanda and her husband Micah came over for cake and ice cream. Keegan loved ripping all his presents open. Kamryn got to open her Birthday present early from her Great Aunt Deb! She knows what they like, LEGOS!
IMG_5169IMG_5168 IMG_5170IMG_5195Came across this pic and had to post it. He buried himself in pillows and took a little snooze!IMG_5186
WE went to our friend Brooke’s 4the Birthday party! BATMAN Themed at Chuck E Cheese! Kamryn and Keegan begged to have their party there, but since we were already there a week before we decided not to.

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